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Mr . Leonard - We're going to check together what's going on in all over the world .

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Let´s  start  our  show  on the  road  again , right now . As  you know , we`re  going to do this one twice  a week . But , please , ckeck it everyday , ok ! 

Grammar , Speaking , Listening , Reading and  Writing  . 

Do you know how to use it ?

Could you tell  me , please , what´s the meaning of 
Could you tell me , plaease , what  does that mean ?
Could you tell me , please , what does it mean ?

Could you tell me , please , what it means ... ? 

Let´s  check  together how to use all  the  days  of  the  week .

The  day before yesterday   
The  day after  tomorrow

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Home work . Please read  aloud and translate . (  Voz alta ) .

Why is to hard to say " red lorry , yellow lorry " ? Because your brain gets confused ( not your tongue ) . To prove this , try to mentally articulate " red lorry , yellow lorry " three  times in rapid succession , without moving your lips . Then do the same with the phrase " red lorry , yellow lorry " . Your brain probably has trouble with the first phrase , but not with the second . 
Now try to say " the big black bug bit the big black bear but the big black bear bit the big black bug back and I saw Suzie sitting in a shoe shine shop , where she shines she sits and where she sits she shines  .
How can you explain that ?  The answer is that the brain has to "plan " each sound in series of the words or syllables before you can say it . When two or more similar sounds occur close together the brain gets confused in its plan , and you stumble when you try to say the phrase .

Some people , however , have no difficulty with  these confusing phrases which are called tongue-twisters ( brain-twisters ) . Language expert professor Brian Butterworth of University College London has one student who can say " Peggy Babcock " 120 times in one minute . Try it if have nothing better to do .

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Acrescentar : 400  palavras , numbers , prepositions , also, too , as well .

Could you  tell me  what does it mean please ?

By the  way ,  any way , on the way , my way , free way .

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Translate it and let´s start the conversation .

Good and bad manners ?

In France , greetings people is one of the most basic signs of good manners . Asking for a ticket before greeting the person who is selling it is very rude . As you go into the store , the first thing to do is to greet the clerk .

Some restaurants in New Zealand are designate as BYO ( Bring Your Own ) . This means that you have to bring your own wine , whisky , etc. to this restaurant because they don't have a license to sell it . Some of the  restaurant which have a license give you the option to bring your own drink .

Let´s  start  our  show  on the  road  again , right now . As  you know , we`re  going to do this one once a week . But , please , ckeck it everyday , ok ! 

Grammar , Speaking , Listening , Reading and  Writing  . 

Step  2 . 

Step 3 .


Quando se diz que alguém está "on call", significa que esta pessoa está de prontidão, podendo ser chamada para trabalhar a qualquer momento.

Por exemplo:

My doctor is on call, so he will come when I am ready to have the baby.

I will not work on Friday, but I will be on call in case they need.

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Positive personality traits . 

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